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Your CRE Risk Depends on Your Data. Unlock it with Coverlease.

- Make better-informed underwriting decisions
- Optimize the appraisal/evaluation/validation process
- Quantify the risks in your CRE portfolio

What the Lending Industry is saying about Coverlease

"A real challenge for us during COVID was investors asking us how much restaurant exposure we had in our investment real estate portfolio, or how much exposure to certain retail segments we had. We previously had no ability to source or analyze the data that is needed to help us understand the overall risk profile of our portfolio."

- Chief Credit Officer of a regional bank

"Coverlease gives us the data and analytics we need to understand the commercial real estate markets we operate in, and even to bring value-add services to our clients."

- Chief Credit Officer of a community bank.
  • Capture and catalogue all your CRE data, (like leases, which are your primary loan repayment source), faster than ever, and store it in your own private database hosted by Coverlease.

  • Gain Deep Insights into market activity (and your loan repayment source) through aggregated benchmarking and trending analytics that are completely customizable to property characteristics and location.

  • Answers questions about market behavior that you’ve never been able to answer before, resulting in better-informed underwriting, an optimized appraisal/evaluation/validation process, and the ability to get a handle on risks and opportunities.

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