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CRE Comp Data and Analytics for Mass Appraisal

Automatically capture all your CRE data in a geolocated, searchable, and 100% private database. Save time and increase quality by eliminating manual data entry, finding more and better comps faster, and accessing benchmarking and trending analytics customizable by property location and features.

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What the Appraisal Industry is saying about Coverlease

"No one thought market analysis and confidentiality could co-exist until now."

Karle Finkelstein, VP Valbridge Property Advisors

"Coverlease is an elegant technical solution to freeing the flow of commercial lease data. It offers a completely fresh method for producing and making that data available."

Peter Christensen Valuation Legal Expert
  • Collect more data than they ever thought possible, faster than ever, and store it in their own private database hosted by Coverlease.

  • Access aggregated and anonymized analytics that benchmark different leasing metrics in all kinds of geographical locations.

  • Answers questions about market behavior that they’ve never been able to answer before, resulting in better-supported value conclusions.

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