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Data Intake Lead

Coverlease is looking for someone who is passionate about all the details to lead the human-in-the-loop component of our Data Extraction Process – focusing on the review and augmentation of the data from a quality-control mindset/perspective. The primary responsibility for this role will be to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of our Data Extraction Process.

The Coverlease Data Extraction Process includes the automated extraction of information from documents (PDF, Word, Excel, most image files) using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, which is then reviewed by a human-in-the-loop team to both guarantee accuracy and augment the data with location and other characteristics.
The position has a range of responsibilities that will need someone who is extremely well organized, detail oriented, great at communication, and can handle working with large complex datasets, and break projects down to manageable size tasks.

We are seeking someone with a background in real estate who understands the details related to documents such as Leases, Abstracts, Rent Rolls, Offering Memos/Marketing Brochures, Appraisals, Income Statements/Profit and Loss Statements, and other documents containing property, lease, financial and sales data.


  • Become the Subject Matter Expert (SME) of all the different formats and layouts of data that is submitted to Coverlease for extraction.
  • Lead data extraction projects and develop detailed instructions and training materials for our review teams.
  • Assist in the creation of the design and development of documentation per client specifications by collaborating with Coverlease product and industry SMEs to assist in the review and augmentation efforts across the platform.
  • Assist data quality assurance in both automated and manual capacities.
  • Collaborate with management to establish quality control metrics and perform validation checks to ensure the highest quality of the extraction effort is delivered.
  • Assist management in identifying gaps, inefficiencies, or inconsistencies in the extraction process, and in response, work with us to develop and manage efforts to improve productivity, quality, and impact.

Skills, Qualifications and Personality Traits:

  • A background in residential or commercial real estate is required.
  • Strong communication skills across technical and non-technical audiences.
  • Ability to quickly identify gaps in the process and iterate immediately.
  • Experience working with quality assurance for large datasets is preferred.
  • Strong technology skills, and a comfort level learning new software and technologies.

About Coverlease: Coverlease is a cloud-based solution which uses best-in-class machine learning models and analytics to collect and aggregate commercial real estate property, lease, financial, sale and other data. Providing a powerful approach to data collection and secure sharing, Coverlease informs business decisions and strengthens financial returns for all stakeholders of the CRE industry including lenders, appraisers, capital markets, investors, landlords, tenants, developers, and brokers. Launched in 2020 by a team of seasoned CRE professionals, Coverlease is quickly becoming the market standard for CRE data and market insights for the entire industry.

We are a small team that works out of Stillwater, MN. This position is looking to be filled locally but provides a flexible hybrid work schedule of both in-office and work from home options.

Coverlease Benefits:

  • Medical/Vision/Dental coverage
  • Federal holidays plus additional paid time off
  • Full-time, but flexible/Hybrid work schedule

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