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Improve everything you do with lease data.

We’re constantly exploring ways to help member-companies grow, mitigate risk and move the industry forward.


  • We believe leases drive the entire commercial real estate industry.
  • Yet, utilizing lease data in a secure, efficient and robust way is still untapped.
  • That’s why Coverlease is redefining how the market collects and uses commercial real estate lease data.
  • We built an all-in-one, everyday tool where getting the right insight has never been easier.
  • See your data. Know your market.

Tony Lesicka

Co-Founder + Chief Executive Officer

Tony has a record of building successful organizations across all corners of commercial real estate. He co-founded one of the first new Twin Cities commercial real estate valuation companies in decades, Insight Realty Advisors, which quickly became one of the largest in the market. Prior to starting Insight, he created and managed the real estate due diligence departments for two different Twin Cities-based banks, one of which he helped navigate through growth from $350 million in size to $1.2 billion during the 2008-2011 “credit crisis” through the acquisition of several failed banks. Tony also has experience in commercial development (w/CSM Corp) and capital markets funding for real estate. Heavily involved in professional organizations, including being the 2016 President of the North Star Chapter of the Appraisal Institute, he has also served as an adjunct lecturer and instructor for real estate valuation coursework.


  • Dave Borrillo

    Successful Tech Entrepreneur and Investor (DoApp). Former Vice President of Mobile Innovation and Software Engineering at CoreLogic.

  • Brian Bispala

    Successful Tech Entrepreneur and Investor (Code42, Rambl, Foodsby)

  • Tim Mardell, MAI, CCIM

    Co-Founder. Successful Investor And Commercial Real Estate Industry Veteran

  • Mike Kaplan, CPA

    Successful Entrepreneur, Investor and Consultant

  • Jeff Johnson, MAI

    Renowned Commercial Real Estate Industry Veteran

  • Rick Nordquist, MAI

    Commercial Valuation Professional, Co-founder Of Insight Realty Advisors

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